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When Is It Time To Hire A Professional Exterminator?

The time to hire an exterminator who knows how to kill bed bugs and how to kill termites is when you notice any warning signs your home has an infestation problem. Also, it is important to hire a professional pest control service to do a full home inspection about once a year, just in case some small nests are forming. This way you can catch the problem before it becomes a noticeable issue that must be dealt with quickly, because rapid service may cost you a little more money if you were to hire one of the many exterminators near me.

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The next pest species that we should always keep an eye out for is termites. These wood-chomping little bugs can create some serious problems for homeowners in a wide variety of ways. Everything from warping wood and windows or doors not opening correctly anymore, to structural problems that require enormous investments to fix. Hiring a good pest control specialist is the best way to keep from having to hire a general contractor later on down the line to fix some major damage that could have been prevented had the issue been caught early on.

So, what are the early warning signs that you have termites moving into your home’s walls, floors, or ceiling? Well, first of all, if you notice ants crawling around that appear to be whitish, then you probably have termites. This is the easiest and most positive way to identify the presence of termites in your home because there are no white ants in existence, at least none that have been found yet.

Then, there is the horror-story-like content of the paranoia-inducing sound of feeding termites inside your walls. You will be able to hear large colonies feeding on the wood inside your home’s walls and all the crawling or movement they are making will make an audibly identifiable sign that they are there. This sound has been noted in works of literature dating back 2,000 years and is very distinct. Once you hear it, then you will remember that sound forever because it makes your skin crawl and your mind wander.

Another positive way to identify termites making their nest inside your home is by noticing the flying mature termites buzzing around inside your home. This will typically take place after it rains and during early to mid-spring for most termite species. This is because these mature termites have left the nests they grew up in and our now our seeking mates to pair up with and become kings and queens of their very own nests. You will see these small ant-like creatures with their two sets of wings buzzing and hovering around your home when you have a sizeable nest already established somewhere nearby. You may also notice the shed wings in your windowsills or on the floor in sizeable numbers after the mating season has taken place, because once they find a mate the pair find a suitable piece of wood to make their nest then they shed their wings and burrow deep inside to begin their nest building for the summer months.

Some of these traits are specific to dry-wood types of termites who come into your home through the open air, but other subterranean types of termites attack your home from underground avenues. These types can be identified by warping or blistering of your wood floors. Sometimes your floors will appear to have water damage from the moisture being created through the termite infestation and feeding. This is a sign that you should get checked out by a pest control technician as soon as possible.

The best defense against invasion is a good offense. This means signing up for a protection plan from your favorite exterminator and have them come back yearly, or even more often, to have your home inspected for signs of infestation for a variety of different pests.

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