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When Is It Time To Hire A Professional Exterminator?

The time to hire an exterminator Staten Island who knows how to kill bed bugs and how to kill termites is when you notice any warning signs your home has an infestation problem. Also, it is important to hire a professional pest control service to do a full home inspection about once a year, just in case some small nests are forming. This way you can catch the problem before it becomes a noticeable issue that must be dealt with quickly, because rapid service may cost you a little more money if you were to hire one of the many exterminators near me.

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Warning Signs You Have A Serious Pest Issue:

None of us want to live alongside any creepy crawly creatures like ants, termites, bedbugs, mice, rats, bees, wasps, roaches, or any other pest that can make a home within and around our homes. These unwanted visitors often make us wonder what the best flea exterminator, mouse exterminator, bee exterminator, ant exterminator, roach exterminator, or just general bug exterminator, rodent exterminator, or even an all-around pest exterminator in your area is. You may have also wondered which is the best bed bug exterminator near me is and who is the best exterminator near me is to hire to kill the bedbugs in your home or to perform termite inspection staten island, termite treatment, and figure out the best termite control staten island plan would be. With all the options available it may be difficult to narrow down which pest control near me to hire who knows how to get rid of bed bugs and how to get rid of termites.


It can be a confusing dilemma when you need to find an exterminator near me or pest control near me to help with getting rid of bed bugs. Or which is the most reasonable when it comes to bed bug exterminator cost or termite treatment cost. Is it the big brand name exterminator near me like Terminix or Orkin? Or is it one of the lesser-known home pest control options that are available and more personable or relatable? When it comes to figuring out the proper time to focus on hiring the best pest control near me, you first need to be aware of the warning signs pests give us that let us know they are present.

Bed Bugs

For hiring an expert bed bug exterminator, who knows how to kill bed bugs, we need to be aware of bed bug warning signs. These signs can include noticing and identifying the bites that begin appearing on our or our family’s bodies and also some spots that the bugs leave behind. The bites are easy to identify because they appear as small red bumps, but they form in lines across either a person’s torso or across their limbs. This happens because the bedbugs feed on us as they crawl across our bodies as we sleep. They continue to take bite after bite as they work their way across our sleeping bodies and leave behind a distinct trail of small red bumps from their bites.

Another simple way to identify bed bug infestations, before you start planning on getting rid of bed bugs or receiving a bed bug treatment service from a home pest control specialist, is from the small red splotches they leave behind in the form of bloody excretions on our sheets and mattresses. Since they feed on our blood, it is not a surprise that their fecal matter is reddish-brown and makes these telltale spots that alert us to their presence in our homes.

Once we know bedbugs are present, it is time for us to figure out how to kill bed bugs. This is done best by the professionals who will use advanced pest control techniques. These pest control near me services usually even provide organic pest control options like steam or other heat sources to get rid of your problem. Many services offer fully organic pest control options for those of us who are sensitive to chemicals or other caustic materials coming into contact with our skin. These professional exterminators know all the best pest control services to perform to keep us both safe and comfortable in our own homes.

This is a very important concept to know because bed bugs can be a serious problem that can affect our lives in important ways. That is why it is important to find a good bed bug exterminator who knows how to get rid of bed bugs completely. There are a few reasons why you want to get rid of bed bugs and why getting rid of bed bugs is important for your health and safety. First, bed bug bites can cause reactions such as rashes to occur and these, if left untreated, can become detrimental to a person’s overall health. Also, secondary skin infections can happen because of all the scratching a person may do after being bit because of the itchy nature of bedbug bites. They are a serious nuisance, if nothing else, and should be taken seriously so a problem can be caught early on and taken care of by a bed bug extermination expert who will know exactly how to rid a home of bed bugs.


The next pest species that we should always keep an eye out for is a termite. These wood-chomping little bugs can create some serious problems for homeowners in a wide variety of ways. Everything from warping wood and windows or doors not opening correctly anymore, to structural problems that require enormous investments to fix. Hiring a good pest control specialist is the best way to keep from having to hire a general contractor later on down the line to fix some major damage that could have been prevented had the issue been caught early on.

So, what are the early warning signs that you have termites moving into your home’s walls, floors, or ceiling? Well, first of all, if you notice ants crawling around that appear to be whitish, then you probably have termites. This is the easiest and most positive way to identify the presence of termites in your home because there are no white ants in existence, at least none that have been found yet.

Then, there is the horror-story-like content of the paranoia-inducing sound of feeding termites inside your walls. You will be able to hear large colonies feeding on the wood inside your home’s walls and all the crawling or movement they are making will make an audibly identifiable sign that they are there. This sound has been noted in works of literature dating back 2,000 years and is very distinct. Once you hear it, then you will remember that sound forever because it makes your skin crawl and your mind wander.

Another positive way to identify termites making their nest inside your home is by noticing the flying mature termites buzzing around inside your home. This will typically take place after it rains and during early to mid-spring for most termite species. This is because these mature termites have left the nests they grew up in and our now our seeking mates to pair up with and become kings and queens of their very own nests. You will see these small ant-like creatures with their two sets of wings buzzing and hovering around your home when you have a sizeable nest already established somewhere nearby. You may also notice the shed wings in your windowsills or on the floor in sizeable numbers after the mating season has taken place, because once they find a mate the pair find a suitable piece of wood to make their nest then they shed their wings and burrow deep inside to begin their nest building for the summer months.

Some of these traits are specific to dry-wood types of termites who come into your home through the open air, but other subterranean types of termites attack your home from underground avenues. These types can be identified by warping or blistering of your wood floors. Sometimes your floors will appear to have water damage from the moisture being created through the termite infestation and feeding. This is a sign that you should get checked out by a pest control technician as soon as possible.

The best defense against invasion is a good offense. This means signing up for a protection plan from your favorite exterminator and have them come back yearly, or even more often, to have your home inspected for signs of infestation for a variety of different pests.

Finally, the third, but not final, type of pest you should always be on guard against is rodents. These little furry mammals spread disease everywhere they go and can cause other health issues you may not even be aware of. Some of these health issues can include Tularemia, Plague, and even Hantavirus. All of which can potentially be fatal to humans and require serious medical intervention in many cases.

They spread these diseases to humans through a few routes, all of which are associated with living near all kinds of rodents, including mice and rats especially. Usually, the virus and bacteria that cause these illnesses spread through either contact with the rodent directly or indirectly, through contacting the dried up urine or feces left behind by the small critters, through being bit by one of these little mammals which also carries serious risks of infection occurring, and also being bitten by fleas or mites that have already fed on the animal first and then feed on you and your family. You can even get seriously sick from breathing in the dust from their nesting being stirred up as it gets removed because this also contains their dried urine and feces inside of it.

These risks are serious and should not be taken lightly. If you see signs of rodents in your home, then you should contact a rat exterminator or mice exterminator immediately to come in and begin clearing your home of these pests. The major signs to watch out for are small holes appearing in your baseboards or other ground-level areas, small pellet-like feces being left behind on counters or floors—usually up against a wall because this is where they like to travel along—and also chewed up food containers in your cupboards. Any contaminated food areas should be cleared by throwing all possibly affected food away, do not risk it and air on the side of caution when deciding what to throw away and what to keep after noticing signs of rodents in your home.

How Much Does An Exterminator Cost, And Who Is The Best Pest Control Company Near Me?

Now, there are other types of pests to watch out for, like fleas, bees, wasps, roaches, and ants. Fortunately, the signs of these types of pests are obvious and harder to miss than some more evasive pests we mentioned above.

After finding signs of pests in your home, or when deciding on a pest control company to come into your home and do an assessment, you may wonder “how much does an exterminator cost near me?” This question is multifaceted and depends on a few variables. Those include what kind of service are you seeking? Are you looking for an inspection as a means of prevention or do you have a specific problem that needs to be addressed immediately? Also, it can depend on the type of pest control you are seeking. There is an organic pest control option, advanced pest control techniques, and even ultrasonic pest control prevention. All of these carry their own price tag but should be reasonable and never excessive unless you have a rare serious infestation that will require excessive amounts of work to remove and solve completely.

This is why prevention and awareness are so important. You should sign up with your preferred pest control services provider for regular home check-ups where they come in and check your home top to bottom for any signs of pest-related issues. They will notice smaller signs that may go undetected by you and your family for lengthy periods because they are trained professionals who know even the slightest sign that there may be a problem in an area of your home. Sometimes it takes a keen eye and knowledgeable professional to catch something before it can become an issue, like sealing up slight cracks or holes in the exterior of your home where pests could get inside through. They usually include these types of services in your yearly checkup, which will be performed by your preferred exterminator.

So, make sure you talk to your friends and neighbors about issues they have had so you know what types of pests may live in your area and familiarize yourself with the signs of those pests specifically. Always ask the question of “who is the best pest control company near me?” when speaking to these people and get a sense for who they hire when solving or preventing issues in their own homes. You may hear the same names over and over. This is an excellent sign of an experienced pest control specialist that can take care of all your bug exterminator and rodent exterminator needs in the present and future. Knowing who these pest control companies staten island are is important in case a problem ever arises in your home. This way you will always know the best exterminator in your area to protect you and your family from all the side effects of a pest invasion of your home.

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